how to find saved wifi password on mac

How to find WiFi password on Mac ?

How to find wifi password on Mac which is/was connected to a wifi/wireless router ?

Here in this document we are going to learn easiest way to find wifi/wireless router’s password on a Mac computer.By which you were connected to a wireless/wifi network or you are connected to that wifi/wireless at this moment.

if the password was changed on the router you might not connect at the moment but if not changed then the current password which you can retrieve will work. you can find saved password by following these given steps.

Step 1. Go to Spotlight search.

Step 2. Now type “Keychain Access”  in spot light search and click on Keychain access or press Enter key. See the image no 2 below.

Step 3. Now go ahead and find your network name like mine is “unitedsquad”.

Step 4. If unable to find there is a search menu on the top right corner of keychain Access screen. See the image no 4 below. Once you are sure you have right network name then click on it.

Step 5. Now right click on it you will see a option “Get Info” at the end of the small screen on it.

Step 6. Now a small window will open saying name of your router(Like mine is “unitedsquad”) so here this small screen has unitedsquad on the top. You can see an option “show password” at the end of your unitedsquad screen(you will your routers name on the top). Click on the check box.

Step 7. Once you click on the “Show Password” check Box an another window/screen will appear saying “keychain access wants to make changes”. Here you have to type your computers “login password” and click “ok”.

Step 8. Now another screen will appear saying “macOS wants to make changes. Enter an administrator’s name and password to allow this”. Here you have to type name of administrator and password. Usually your name and password is your administrators name and your login password is your password. But if you have multiple user accounts then it can be click on “allow”

(In case if you are facing any difficulty finding your administrator name here is the process you can follow to find your administrator name.)

Step 9. Once you click on “allow” you can see your wifi/wireless routers password as mine is [email protected].

So this was the easiest way to find a wifi/wireless router’s  password on a Mac computer by which you were connected to a wireless/wifi network or you are connected to that wifi/wireless at this moment.

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