By reading this document we are going learn how we can find the wifi password/pass key or network security key on a computer who is connected to wifi in case you have forgot your wifi password/ pass key.

If you are on a windows computer 1st  option is:

Step 1: Open “Run” by pressing Windows Key + R.

This dialog box will appear.

Run dialog box press windows key + R. By Iovertech.

Step 2: Type ncpa.cpl  and press Enter button

“ncpa.cpl” Command to open network and sharing center. By Iovertech.

This screen will appear.

Network Connections screen. By Iovertech.

Step 3: Right click on the active wifi Adapter and left click on status.

You will See this network and shearing center screen.

Right Click on wireless adapter and click on Status screen. By Iovertech.

Step 4: Once you click on status this below Wi-Fi status screen will appear.

Wireless Status Screen. By Iovertech.

Step 5: Click on this wireless properties button or press ALT +W.

Wireless Properties on Wi-Fi Status Screen. By Iovertech.

Step 6: Once you click on wireless properties button this screen will appear.

Wireless Network Properties Screen. By Iovertech.

This your wireless name (unitedsquad is my wireless name) wireless network property window will appear on your screen.

Step 7: Here now click on second tab “security”.

Click Security Tab to open wi-fi security settings screen. By Iovertech

Step 8: Once you click on security tab you will see this security screen here you can click on checkbox “show characters” just below the “network security key”. See the blow image for reference.

HERE IS YOUR  WIRELESS PASSWORD/ WIRELESS PASS KEY OR NETWORK SECURITY KEY next to Network security key ([email protected])  . see the image below.

Check the checkbox to show network security key/pass key/ Wi-fi password
Here is the 2nd  way to Find Wifi Password From home screen/ desktop.

Step 1: You can go to start or click on windows icon on the bottom left or your screen or on keyboard and go to control panel or type control panel and left click control panel to open.

Click Start and Go to Control Panel. By Iovertech.

You will this screen below in image.

All items screen in control panel. By Iovertech.

Or you will see this screen

Category View of all items in Control Panel. By Iovertech.

If you are seeing either of above two images you can switch by clicking on “view by” option to “category” to “large icons” or “small icons”. See arrow in screen.

To Open In Large View Click on Category View. By Iovertech.

 If you are in view by: category then click on network and internet.

Network and Sharing Center in All Items of Control Panel. By Iovertech.

If you click on either of these view by: category, Large icons or Small Icons it will open Network and Sharing Center screen.

Network Connections.

Now click on this  “wifi unitedsquad”(on your computer you will your wireless/wi-fi name). you  will see WiFi Status Screen. Now follow from step no 4 above.

Network Connection Screen. By Iovertech.

Here is 3rd way to Find Wifi Password.

To open “Network and Sharing Center” directly from desktop you can right click on Wi-Fi Icon on the bottom right of your screen or if you doesn’t see the click the arrow. Then right click and click on “Network and Sharing Center”. See the image below

Wifi icon on Screen. By Iovertech.

Click on the “Open Network and internet settings”, you will see this screen. Now click on wifi unitedsquad(you ll see  your Wi-Fi name on your computer).

Network and Internet Settings on screen. By Iovertech.

You will see this status screen.

Network and Sharing Center. By Iovertech

Now click on “Network and Sharing Center”. You will see

Network Connections screen. By Iovertech

Now you can follow from Step 4 above.

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