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How to Install Hyper-v on windows server 2019 ?

There are multiple ways to install Hyper-V on Microsoft Windows Server. here in this document i am going to explain few by which you can install Microsoft’s Hardware Virtualisation Product which you can also say Hyper-V. By installing Hyper-v you can create Virtual Machine, on Virtual Machine you can install Multiple Operating Systems Like Windows,FreeBSD and linux. here we are going to Learn installing Hyper-V on Windows Server 2019. But you can even install Hyper-V on Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Education. Hyper-V feature is not available on Home edition.

here are the steps to install Hyper-V.

Step 1: To open server manager console, press windows key +R to open Run and type “servermanager” command and press enter.

Step 2: Click on add Roles and features

or you can Chose form Mange and click on Add Roles and features.

Step 3: Leave Every thing Default and click on Next.

Step 4. Leave it Default and click on Next.

Step 5: Now check the Hyper-V Check Box.

Like this 🙂

Step 6: once you check Hyper-V checkbox a add roles and features Wizard windows will appear here click on Add Features.

Step 7: Now after clicking on Add Features click on Next on this select features window. leave Every thing Default.

Step 8: Now Leave it Default and Click on Next.

Step 9: you will see this Create Virtual Switches Screen here check Ethernet checkbox. and Click on Next.

Like This 🙂

Step 10: Leave this Window Default and Click on Next.

Step 10. On this Default Stores Window you can change installation Location i will recommend to leave it default and Click on Next.

Step 11: You can check the “restart the destination server automatically if required” check box. if you don’t have other programs open and skip other steps. Now click on Install.

You will see this screen which show you installation Progress.

Step 12 : Once your installation is done click on Close.

Step 13: if you haven’t checked the step 11 checkbox then you will see this flag with error which has a restart pending to Complete the Hyper-V installation. so you have to restart the computer after saving your Work.

So this is how you can install Hyper-V on Windows Server 2019.

Here is some Important Information you might Like About Hyper-V.

What are Advantages of Installing Hyper-V.

By installing Hyper-V you can install Multiple operating system and you can use them on the same time on single computer.

What are Limitations of Hyper-V ?

As far as limitations of Hyper-v are concern. those applications which depends on specific hardware will not work properly. for example game and live mixing programs needs gpu Power, they might not work properly.

what are Differences between features of Hyper-V available on Windows Server and windows ?

These are different feature of Hyper-v only available on Windows Servers:

  1. Live migration of virtual machines from one host to another

2. Hyper-V Replica

3. Virtual Fiber Channel

4. SR-IOV networking

5. Shared .VHDX

These are different feature of Hyper-v only available on Windows:

  1. Quick Create and the VM Gallery

2. Default network (NAT switch)

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